Sunday, June 20, 2010

Y! Greyhound Race - June 3rd 2010

This was my first greyhound race ever. I don't think I'm attending another one. It was interesting and boring. We went there as kind of a company event. With free betting tickets, we tried our best and I managed to make 3 EUR. I'm certain, horse races will be more interesting...

Trip to Munich - May 20th to 22nd 2010

I went to Munich without having planned too much. I was supposed to be on an interview and I wanted to surprise my parents.
However, I spent quite a lot of time with catching up with friends which was extremely enjoyable. And although there was a short moment where I really believed, I could go back to Germany or I would go back (for the greater good and blahblah), I was convinced that it would be more likely Munich than Bremen. But the moment passed.
I don't want to say I don't like Munich or that I didn't enjoy going over and visiting my family and my friends, because that would be a lie. I enjoyed myself very much. It's just... me. I'm not ready to go back. Not yet anyway and who say I have to?

Short trip to Bremen over London - part 2

After having spent no sightseeing time in Bremen, I headed off to Westerstede to see Heike. Not that I missed much. I was in Bremen before, and to be quite honest, I was a little shell-shocked. Thinking about moving back to Germany, was not my favorite plan, but you have to give it a try. At least twice. I really thought about it, and the North is quite nice and more quiet as I'd imagined it, but now (after having decided against it), I can easily see that it was not meant to be. After spending an enjoyful evening with Heikes friends at a 30th birthday party, we went to Leer and on a boatstrip...

Short trip to Bremen over London - part 1

Every time I was in London, I was seeing most of the town, but - as I'm not quite the museum lover - I have never gone to the famous British Museum. Not this time. And, to say the least, I was very much impressed. Have to go there again. It is extraordinary!

I went to see a little bit more of the town, but ended up, eating ice cream in front of the the Tower and trying not to feel too hot...

Early summer - Malahide, April 17th 2010

The following weekend, Christina and me went to Malahide, more sun, more beach...

Summer has arrived - April 11th 2010

Or not. At least, we can pretend. Me, and Christina, we went to Portmarnock after trying to get a Brezel at Howth...

Easter in Ireland - April 3rd and 4th 2010

Coming from Westport and we kept driving along the coast, stopping at Kildavnet Castle and Keel Beach where we were surprised by the weather. We barely made it back into the car and watched the rain, before we decided to make our way to our B&B.

As we arrived early enough, we checked in and left again to keep on driving to the most western point and have a stop at the deserted village. After dinner back at the B&B, we went out for a late-night walk and a sunset...

On the next day, with less than nice weather, we stopped shortly at the deserted village, tried to find the megalithic tombs and headed up on Slievemore mountain. The way up (fighting against the winds) was more than impressive in itself. And although I pretended to be calm and fearless (to calm my sister down), I did not always feel that courageous. The views were stunning. We made it up to the highest point and tried to enjoy the views down, but it was so extremely windy and cold that it was hard to hold the camera, hard to not freeze and get grumpy and for me hard to not walk into the wet patches and get my shoes all soaked, which of course I did. Now, it was worth the pain.