Monday, September 21, 2009

Once more -- Howth in September

Whoever said the summer is over, was wrong. I thought, after enough weekends of being at home or out of town, it was about time to return to Howth. I expected it to be windy and a little chilly, but it was warm and sunny. And it was extremely busy out there!

Instead of being covered in yellow, the mountains were violet...

Cavan --- again! September 2009

This time not on my own... Wood Warrior and Boxing Bonnie spent a lot of their time between the different saunas and the swimming pool (especially the outdoor pool). They ventured for a short trip through the forests, almost crawled back through the mud and met the cattle in the field...

Visit from Munich - August 2009

Christina came to visit me for almost a week, and as we did not have much time during the week (I had to work), we drove away over the weekend. Sligo. The weather wasn't too good, but we were extremely lazy anyway. We just managed a short trip to town, had a wonderful dinner there... And we checked out the Thermal Suite and the Razul... very relaxing!