Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Party - 10th Dec 2011

The motto of the Christmas party was the 20ties or 30ties... Look at them, don't they look gorgeous, my colleagues?

Work, work, work... Dec 2011

Christmas time coming... and, when I was unable to get my Adventskranz (Lidl delivering only during the 2nd week of December), I got a Christmas tree instead, and while the city was decorating, I decorated my apartment...

Karaoke night - 27th Nov 2011

Winter has finally arrived. Snow! Lots of it! Too much for the public transport to cope with it... it was quite hard to get to work, but I guess the most funniest thing was that we were let to go home from work earlier, the moment it started snowing again, because the managers feared that it might be difficult to get home. Like at school, when it was too hot outside.

Karaoke... not my first time, but definitely nicer than the first time I went, back in Japan with colleagues at the 2nd conference I attended.
This time, the big singers were Vincenzo and Veronica, and the rest of us, Margot, Anna, Carlotta, Marcus and me, we tried...

Excursion - 21st November 2011

To cheer us up, Margot, Adolfo and me, we decided to go to Dalkey for a quick walk.

Helena's visit - 13th, 14th Nov 2010

A big storm had been expected, floods coming, but Clontarf was pretty safe. We did not see the big floods, but the sand bags stayed there for quite a while...

Time for visit from Germany! :-)
Helena came over for a short weekend, and although the weather was unfortunately not too pleasant, we went for a trip to Glendalough walking to the lake, though catching up more on gossip than viewing the beauty of the place.

The following day we took the dart to Howth, passed by the farmer's market and watched the seals, before heading back to town to get some nice dinner. Too quickly Helena had to return home.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Halloween - Weekend in Cavan with Margot

Working hard has to be rewarded, so we decided to go for a weekend to Cavan to relax. This time we were super-lucky: the weather was grand, no fog at all, and we enjoyed sauna, swimmingpool, food and walks.

House move 4: September 2010

Not to say that I loved staying in Sandymount (closeness to the beach, lovely housemates, a house), but after a winter freezing and for times without water, I decided that it was about time to finally move again to an apartment of my own.

Luckily enough, the guy who moved into Margot's old flat, moved out... and I moved in.