Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to Dingle 21-03-09

In the beginning, when I still planned to go back to Germany for more than a month, I decided to spend my last two weekends with two perfect trips. The first was to go to Dingle, the second to the Aran Islands (hoping to spot better weather than the last time).
We planned to go to Dingle with Helen who would have come back from a two week India holiday, her French friend Aldo and Maria with her boyfriend Erik. Helen didn't come, so the four of us met at the airport, collected the car and started our five hours drive to Dingle. We arrived in the middle of the night and moved into the hostel which we occupied all on our own...

We started our first day with a drive along the Dingle Peninsula and spotted the first rainbow after only half an hour. On our way to the most western point of Europe, we stopped at a beautiful beach...

We headed further west, watched some sheeps waiting to be shorn... drove through a small riverbed which was crossing the coast road.

The next stop was close to the most western point. We walked along the beach, enjoyed the cliffs and walked up the hill.

Because our hunger grew, we returned back to Dingle for a lunch stop and, while the boys were lazily enjoying their coffee on a bench, we walked back and took some more pictures from this beautiful town. Not to mention, that this time for the second time!, I could not view the Harry Clarke windows in the convent, because they only open on the weekends during the summer months...

Our last stop was at Inch Beach... I remember that the last time, me and my sis, we found a strange dead fish, this time we found a dead sheep. We stayed quite a long time, long enough to watch the sun set. I walked quite a while, met up with Maria and Erik and we drove along the beach only to meet two cars stuck in the sand. A local lined up to help. We felt like adventurers!

We ended the day with some rounds of poole and table tennis and some horrible spaghettis with tomato sauce. We were still all alone in the hostel.